Passion & Persuasion Q&A Forecast

Q&A Forecast - 12 Months

Get insights into inspiration, Power, Love, and Actions

Your Passion & Persuasion Q&A 12-Month Forecast helps you appreciate your creative talents and aspirations and pursue your goals with passion.

It indicates where you are most intuitive and compassionate as you pursue your goals and apply yourself competitively, making you more aware of any creative inclinations and attitudes toward romantic relationships.

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Each Event – Three Q&A’s

You get detailed answers and suggestions related to each planet event.

Long Term Predictions

Due to the regular orbit of the planets, your reading reveals the precise timing of trends and events.


In your birth chart, Neptune represents your subconscious mind, inspiration, psychic receptivity, and also where you might be deceptive or deceived. But, on the other hand, it indicates where you are most intuitive, spiritual, and compassionate.


Pluto represents where you are most likely to experience intense powers of creation, destruction, and frequent, radical change in your birth chart.

Month by Month Predictions

Detailed explanations of faster-moving events:


Venus represents what and who attracts you in your birth chart, your artistic inclinations, attitudes toward romantic relationships, and creative talents or aspirations.


In your birth chart, Mars represents your assertiveness, how you pursue your goals, and apply yourself passionately and competitively.

Discover how your Mars chart position influences your future - and more.

NEW Report Features Include Easy Print and Read Features – Plus Text to Speech Option.

We are here to help. You can update the birth details anytime if you make a mistake or find more accurate birth details.

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Passion & Persuasion – Q&A Forecast

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