Romantic Relationship Moving Forward

Tarot Reading

10 Cards $11.95

You’re in the middle of a love affair and are concerned about your future. Is this the person for you, not just romantically, but for ever after? Will you be good mates for each other and how might the relationship evolve? This reading helps you gain the information you need to determine if you’re secure moving forward with this person.

Before you select your cards you could also use it to examine a relationship from your past to gain some insight into how and why it ended. You could just ask for insight into your potential future happiness with this person. Or just say “Tell me about myself and So-and-so.”

Get the answers to these questions:

  • How does my loved one feel about me?
  • How do I feel about this person?
  • What sort of physical attraction is there?
  • What is the most important connection we have?
  • Are we friends as well as lovers?
  • Do we have compatible goals?
  • What doesn’t work well between us?
  • Can we rely on each other in the long term?
  • What will we be like with each other in the future?
  • What is the best that this relationship can be?
Second Person
Romantic Relationship Moving Forward  - 10 Card